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Whether it is a successful career or a growing business, keeping your money you earn safe, saving it, investing it and planning its use for your eventual retirement can be complicated and will cost you without proper preparation.

That is why we provide a variety of financial advisory services including 401k Rollovers, Estate & Trust Planning, Retirement Planning and help with Inheritance issues, to help you protect and maximize your returns, while legally minimizing any tax burden.

We offer several financial services to help individuals and families meet and exceed their financial and retirement goals.  Estate and Trust Planning so when you pass your final instructions are carried out correctly.  Retirement Planning so you have enough financial resources to live comfortably off of after you stop working.  Inheritance help if a family member dies you know whether to spend, save or invest your inheritance.

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Through our affiliation with Archer Investment Corporation, a national investment firm headquartered right here in Indianapolis, we provide wealth management services and advice for individuals just starting their career or business, as well as people planning or near retirement.

If you have an existing portfolio we can analyze it to see if your Asset Allocation is in line with your financial objectives.  We can perform a Risk Analysis to see if you are being too aggressive or too conservative for your situation and financial goals.

From these analyses will let you know if everything is okay or if not, what suggestions for improvement we would make. Our goal is for you to achieve your financial goals.  Call 317-837-7720 to get started.

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Choices: Keep my 401k or Roll to an IRA?  Choose a Roth IRA or A Traditional IRA?  Let Us Help You Decide.


“Your Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation Determine Your Portfolio Results..”

Julie Jeffers

“It is never to EARLY or late to get started planning your financial future.”


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Estate & Trust Planning

If and when you die, the instructions of what to do with what you own such as your car, home, any other real estate, checking & savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture & any personal possessions, is what Estate Planning is all about.

Retirement Planning

When you retire from your job or if you’re a business owner & you sell your company and stop working, planning to have enough financial resources in place to live without your prior income, is what Retirement Planning is.  We can help you put together a plan to do this successfully.

Inheritance Help

When a family member dies and leaves you an inheritance, you’re suddenly have to decide, “what to do with it”.  Should I spend it, save it or invest it are all common questions.  We can help you with answers and options that will help you achieve your goals & answer questions.

Financial Advisory Services for your Company & Your Family


Archer Investment Corporation


Jeffers Financial Advisory

It is strange that most people will sit down and take more time planning their vacation each year than they will to sit down and plan their investments or retirement for a lifetime.  Chances are your savings, your investments and your retirement goals are OFF TRACK if you haven’t take the time to REVIEW them to see if they are ON TRACK.  Call us and we can ANALYZE your portfolio and let you know if you should stay put or make some changes.


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